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A special brand of stupid...

My poor cat, Na-na Kitty (pronounced as in Sha-Na-Na, ridiculous, I know), gets in lots of fights and sometime on T'giving day, as near as we can determine, got into a fight that did some damage to kitty's right rear dew claw -- the nail was nearly torn off and it became rather infected. Well, Na-na kept hidden behind our garage, wouldn't come in, then when I finally coaxed her in, wouldn't let me near it. I knew a trip to the vet was definitely needed, though, and my sister kindly loaned me her pet carrier so I could take her today.

In addition to the torn dew claw, kitty also had a wound on top of her head that was becoming infected; this wasn't even visible through her thick fur, but was starting to smell bad last night; I assumed it was the infected claw that smelt so bad.

Anyway, kitty has a bandaged back leg, cleaned-up head wound, is on antibiotics and will be just fine. But here's an interesting thing, and the source of the title of this post: how stupid must one be to not know their female cat is actually male? Considerably, I'd say. But yeah, my Na is a neutered male. Even the fact that we've never had cats, I know nothing about being a cat owner, doesn't cut it; I should really be able to tell girl from boy. Should've realized -- this is a big damn cat, and somewhat mean, a fighter; he's orange and white and I like to say that while he may look like a Weasley, he's got the cold black heart of Snape. Saying 'he' is going to take getting used to. I'll still tell him he's 'purty' but will feel a little dumb telling him he's a good girl...
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You made my day twice over:

(1) OMG! Kelley posted!

(2) Hilarious story.

Go on saying "good girl." He must be used to it after all this time. Maybe he likes the genderbending.
(1) OMG! Kelley posted!

LOL. I know, I know -- half the time I feel like that creepy presence over in the corner who's always just eavesdropping on everyone.. David's always trying to encourage me to post; he'll probably be reading this over breakfast. David: don't fall off your chair, sweetheart; not a good time for a concussion.

Go on saying "good girl." He must be used to it after all this time. Maybe he likes the genderbending.

Heh, yeah, he doesn't seem to mind. Sickeningly spoiled animal. And of course, everything I say to him is in this gibberishy baby talk, barely even recognizable as English (which is where the name came from), so not like any of it's going to make one whit of difference, anyway.

Oh, and, funny you used the phrase 'made my day' -- every single time you post pics of Mookie, that is exactly what I think, how I feel. She is just so oh my god cute, those chubby little cheeks and that cute little nose and those blue eyes... Oh, she is sooo adorable. Always puts me in such a good mood when there are Indigo pics. I usually read LJ when David and I are Skyping, so he gets to hear all my aw-ing and oh-ing over her. And it still just kills me that I can't just pop over to babysit or get a schnoogle...
I second Amy!

By the way, I call dogs and other animals "kitty," and sometimes call my cat a darling puppy, so compared to that, calling your cat a good girl doesn't strike me as anything out of the ordinary.
Heh, so weird, reading that I just flashed on Shadow's wife calling him 'puppy' in "American Gods." Odd.

Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm kind of like that, too. I also have a tendency to often call my pets everything but their names, so it's a wonder these animals aren't a little more deranged...
You've had this cat how long?
Ha! Indeed. Let's see... He's been indoor/outdoor for more than a year and a half now, and there were at least two years when he 'lived' in our front yard before that. I wish I'd kept better track. He was friendly from the start, just suddenly always around whenever we'd go outside. Was wearing a flea collar, plus looked pretty well cared for, so belonged to someone. I suppose we didn't make too keen a study of his bits, but it seemed there was a lack of certain bits that led us to just chalk it up as 'eh, must be female, then' and never bother to check further.

He was adult-sized when he first started coming around; at what age would a cat be 'adult'? Guess I can just google...


9 years ago


9 years ago

I third Amy - if you can third anyone.

It's great to see you post, and such a funny one too.

Friends once asked us to have their female guinea pig called Melissa because she was lonely and would be a good companion for our two females. We came back from holiday and "Boris" was in a separate hutch and our 2 guinea pigs had 6 babies between them - and he'd managed to get one of them pregnant again straight away so we ended up with another 6 from the second litter!
Hi, Ali!

Good night, a dozen babies! Yeah, I'd definitely be hopeless at trying to figure out guinea pig genders, yikes...

Ginger and white cats are usually male, just like tortoiseshells are usually female. Although during the course of my life I've had one female ginger, so it's not a failsafe.

Huh, that's good to know, and you know, now that you say it, the thing about tortoiseshells usually being female sounds quite familiar to me. Hm, and there's another ginger cat in the neighborhood, too, and I do feel quite certain it's a male, so yeah. Very good to know.
Great to hear from you, and very amusing story! I'm going to check my dogs right now to make sure they're boys!
LOL! Now dogs I don't usually have too much trouble with. It's certainly been a learning experience with this kitty, though...

In your defense, it's not easy to tell a neutered male cat from a female. It's not obvious like on dogs. Come to think of it, how *do* you tell a neutered male cat from a female without causing the animal distress?

Some years ago we reserved what we were told was a female kitten from the RSPCA and, while waiting for the home check, spent a few days coming up with a name that would match our other cats (Damson and Posey). A few hours after bringing Dalia home she stuck her butt in Stu's face, and Stu pointed out some lumpy bits under the tail that girl cats don't tend to have. Dalia promptly became Tommy. And this was the RSPCA making a very basic error!
Hi! You're welcome for Reflex, btw; sorry about that -- I've been so scatterbrained lately. I uploaded it while chatting with David and if I'd been thinking better would've dropped you an email letting you know it was coming, or posted the link to your LJ post.

So it's not easy, then? I do feel better hearing that. I haven't even really been able to try and get another look; kitty's got his back leg bandaged and hasn't tried to lie on his back. Haven't caught him grooming himself again, either, so.

Ha, now yes, I knew kittens can be hard to tell till they get a bit bigger and I've known folks still getting fooled even then. It hadn't occurred to me that it'd be tricky at all to tell on an adult cat. Ah, well...
Sixths! Hee! :D

Don't feel bad. When we got the wee girl kitty I had specifically asked the friend who was giving her to us for a boy. I didn't bother to check at all. It wasn't until we'd had her for a couple months that my brother-in-law pointed out that that was actually a she. Which is why we pretty much just call her the little girl. Homer doesn't quite cut it as a name any longer. :D
LOL. Yeah, my neighbor tried to name this cat Patches when he started coming around. It didn't take. I had a much closer bond with the cat than she did and he just did not feel like a Patches to me. Heh, not that he felt like a Na-na, poor thing. Stuck with an accidental name. Eh, he's not too bothered about it...

God, now if anyone has any tips on dealing with all the hair everywhere, gah...
Who are you and why are you on my f-list? (mischievous grin)

I am glad to hear he/she/it is on the mend and should be bar room brawling again in no time. I have four cats and I would not be able to tell the difference between a neutered male and a female.
Well, hi, there! Lol, I know, I always relate to those people who say they had to blow the dust off their LJ to post. ;-)

Yeah, kitty's doing well, utter hell trying to get this animal to take its antibiotics, though.

A couple other folks have said that, too, that it can be hard to tell neutered male from female; I still haven't tried to get a better look, but from glimpses I certainly can't see anything telltale 'yep, he's a boy, all right' stuff. I'd have to see female, male, neutered male side by side to get it, I think. It does make me feel better to hear that, though..

And man, when did you get four cats? You haven't always (or, you know, since I've known you) had that many, have you?
Makes me think of the recent news story about the castrated male cat getting pregnant - although that was a case of a cat having been equipped both ways from the side of nature.
Wow, how wild...

I took this one back to the vet for follow-up and the woman at the desk said "Oh right, the one that was actually male. When you said he was female, I was thinking that his face really looked male." Pretty much everyone at the vet's office knew right away this was a male, which, sure they could, all the cats they see. I still find that very impressive. But me, I still see/think female. Think I'll get a pic of kitty, see what everyone else thinks...
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