kelleyscorpio (kelleyscorpio) wrote,

Hearting the Silver and Black...

It's tight, and they're putting up a fight, but Denver's going DOWN...


Okay, they're going down Wednesday...
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Well, you've got a pretty icon. :D
Lol, why, thank you, ma'am! Giveaway in a Spurs forum. Or did you mean Manu? 'Cause yep, he's a little bit pretty, all right.

And, oo, can the man *play*... :-)
He looks good with his mouth all open like that. (giggle)
LOL! Hey, you know, there are a couple guys on the team that aren't too hard to look at...see, you might enjoy watching a Spurs game after all. ;-D
Denver's going DOWN...

Er, this is about some sporting event, right? Not the mile-high city losing altitude?

As you can tell, I'm really clueless about sports. But I hope your team wins Wednesday, Kelley!
Lol, no, the city's okay. Well, until the Spurs stomp the Nuggets, that is. ;-)

I'm actually pretty clueless about sports myself, but I do follow this team.

But I hope your team wins Wednesday, Kelley!

Thanks, Judy, I hope so, too!
I had no idea you were a basketball fan. Cool! Celtics fan here.

I can't quite get up the energy to go to a Warriors game. It's nice to get behind your local team, but I mean, the Warriors? At least the Celts have a noble history that keeps a loyal fan going through the bad seasons. Stanford women have kind of a cult following, though--maybe I should check them out despite my conscientious objection to big-time college sports.
Ah! I am indeed a basketball fan; well, Spurs fan, anyway. ;-)

Love going to the games, but gah, so expensive. That's what keeps me from attending.

Missions games are fun, too, but I don't follow at all, and haven't gone in some years now. Need to watch for ticket give-aways, that'll get me there.

Yep, Spurs are like the Celts with the loyal fans, though our history is a bit less noble, I think. ;-) I'm ignorant of the issues of big-time college sports, and don't really follow, anyway, so. Enough for me to follow the Spurs right now. *g*