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kelleyscorpio's Journal
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Date:2008-12-02 16:55
Subject:A special brand of stupid...

My poor cat, Na-na Kitty (pronounced as in Sha-Na-Na, ridiculous, I know), gets in lots of fights and sometime on T'giving day, as near as we can determine, got into a fight that did some damage to kitty's right rear dew claw -- the nail was nearly torn off and it became rather infected. Well, Na-na kept hidden behind our garage, wouldn't come in, then when I finally coaxed her in, wouldn't let me near it. I knew a trip to the vet was definitely needed, though, and my sister kindly loaned me her pet carrier so I could take her today.

In addition to the torn dew claw, kitty also had a wound on top of her head that was becoming infected; this wasn't even visible through her thick fur, but was starting to smell bad last night; I assumed it was the infected claw that smelt so bad.

Anyway, kitty has a bandaged back leg, cleaned-up head wound, is on antibiotics and will be just fine. But here's an interesting thing, and the source of the title of this post: how stupid must one be to not know their female cat is actually male? Considerably, I'd say. But yeah, my Na is a neutered male. Even the fact that we've never had cats, I know nothing about being a cat owner, doesn't cut it; I should really be able to tell girl from boy. Should've realized -- this is a big damn cat, and somewhat mean, a fighter; he's orange and white and I like to say that while he may look like a Weasley, he's got the cold black heart of Snape. Saying 'he' is going to take getting used to. I'll still tell him he's 'purty' but will feel a little dumb telling him he's a good girl...

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Date:2006-08-08 17:03
Subject:Neil's DVD Tagline Meme

1. Grab the first three movie DVDs you can find (and no looking under the books in the closet from the last meme).

2. Write down a tagline or press quote for each film. If there isn't one of either of those on the cover, lift any sentence you can find, even if it's a censorship message in Japanese. Okay, if the cover is completely blank, it's a porn movie - just put it back on the shelf and choose something else.

3. Realise that if you die tomorrow, the last thing in your Live Journal, and your epitaph, may be this:

"The best film of the year!" (What an original line.)

"4 stars! Legendary. Sensational from start to finish!"

"It's thrilling, exciting, very funny, and absolute magic. Don't miss it!"

4. Notice that, uncannily, all the phrases you've unearthed describe you and your own lifestyle, which is probably what makes you the envy of all your friends. Feel the warm glow!

5. Ask your flist to identify the aforementioned films in a rather half-arsed attempt to create a meme.

6. Watch brushwood rolling across the screen.

Heh, me and my own lifestyle. Sure. :-D

ETA: Since mine were rather more vague than everyone else's, I went to IMDb and found the actual taglines that were missing from the DVD cases. So:

"The best film of the year!" -- "They have a plan, but not a clue."

"4 stars! Legendary. Sensational from start to finish!" -- "The movie too HOT for words!"

"It's thrilling, exciting, very funny, and absolute magic. Don't miss it!" -- "Scaling the Cliffs of Insanity, Battling Rodents of Unusual Size, Facing torture in the Pit of Despair. - True love has never been a snap."

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Date:2006-05-02 17:02
Subject:Short story?

Maybe someone will know this -- I've got a recollection of a short story, and I want to say it was written by Twain, but not certain on that. It's basically about a hapless fellow, inept/incompetent, though basically harmless as I recall, sort of a Forest Gump type, who through a bizarre set of circumstances ends up in a position of great power (President? General?). Does this sound familiar to anyone?

No real need for this info; just one of those things that keeps bubbling around my brain, and I just can't summon the title or author...

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Date:2006-04-22 22:50
Subject:And from me...

Happy birthday, Catherine! I'm sorry I missed this on your birthday proper, but I hope you had a wonderful day...

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Date:2006-02-13 18:39
Subject:Muppet Meme

Interesting, as I can't think what answer it was that gave me this result...

My inner MuppetCollapse )

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Date:2005-12-19 05:27
Subject:My tarot card..

A little weird...Collapse )

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Date:2005-12-08 17:46
Subject:Email address

Hi, everyone! David tells me I'm missing out on some emails various of you have been sending lately -- I'd gotten a new ISP along with which came a new email address, and I thought for certain I'd said it here somewhere, though a quick perusal of my dormant LJ tells me I've not made a post about it. Gah.

At any rate, my gbronline address is entirely dead; the one to use for me now is kelley_thompson@sbcglobal.net

I'm sorry, everyone, and I hope I've not missed anything dire... :-(

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Date:2005-09-21 20:57
Subject:More pics for the ones not yet identified..

I uploaded some more pics from the 5 remaining movies; probably best to
just give the thumbnails a skim to see if there're any you want to look
at more closely...

More hintsCollapse )

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Date:2005-09-20 20:57
Subject:Politics and Music...

My political quiz resultsCollapse ) Nothing new there.

I'd also taken the Classic Rock quiz at OKCupid, but missed out posting the results while it was still fresh. Heh, David had mentioned it to me while I was doing whatever and I said, 'oh yes, I'll check that out,' but when he told me Amy had gotten a 96%, my competitive juices stirred. ;-) Alas, only a 94%Collapse ) for me, so I throw down my sword at her feet.

In Hermione fashion, I had to go through the quiz question by question to determine what I missed -- the one about Keith Moon (drat; I love The Who, but know less about them than I thought) and the 'Blonde on Blonde' one. I knew the album name, but couldn't put it together with Dylan at all; even after David looked it up, it took a while for the memory of that info to gel. Finally it started to seem familiar, a later album from Dylan, etc. I *did* get the Wilbury question, but whoohoo, Amy, scared of you, I had forgotten about Jeff Lynne. ;-)

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Date:2005-09-20 20:41
Subject:My go at the movie meme

Funny how arbitrary some of my choices were, considering there are loads of movies I like as much or more than some of these. Some I would have used but others had already used them. Some I dismissed out of hand as way too obvious, though I know so many I included are too obvious as well. Lots of these are certainly not ones I think of as 'favorites' but rather just movies I liked and thought were good. Some were just toss-up choices of a certain actor/director/writing teams' work. 'Favorite' movie for me is much like 'favorite' song, each day you'll get a different answer...

Enough rambling; here they are...

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Date:2005-06-23 23:08
Subject:Oh my god...

San Antonio just exploded...Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-11 07:30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sageofgodalming!

Hope your day...Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-24 21:14
Subject:Hearting the Silver and Black...

It's tight, and they're putting up a fight, but Denver's going DOWN...


Okay, they're going down Wednesday...

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Date:2005-04-22 17:05

Happy birthday, catlily!

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Date:2005-02-16 04:13

Drat! Missed it by a few hours, but happy birthday,
darkthirty! Hope you had a great day!

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Date:2005-01-22 02:14
Subject:HP Character Quiz

Here's me:

You scored as Remus Lupin. You are a
wise and caring wizard and a good, loyal friend to boot. However sometimes
in an effort to be liked by others you can let things slide by, which
ordinarily you would protest about.




Hermione Granger






Ginny Weasley




Draco Malfoy




Severus Snape




Your Harry Potter Alter Ego

created with QuizFarm.com

Interesting; most folks are getting quite a few with the same percentage, or as close seconds and thirds, aren't they? Is it unusual that Remus came out so far ahead of Hermione here? And, heh, look where Snape is for me...

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Date:2004-12-04 08:20
Subject:To an absolutely wonderful guy...
Mood: happy

</a></div> Happy Birthday Goblin!!!

Hope your day is as great as it can be, dear, and know that someone out here thinks you are fantastic in more ways than can be counted...


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Date:2004-05-26 22:08
Subject:Am very amused...
Mood: amused

Funny, take a look:


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Date:2004-01-14 04:41
Subject:Too many quizzes....
Mood: sleepy

Yes, too many at once and most are very old, but look at it this way -- it'll probably be another three months before you see another entry from me... :-)

Here's the BNF thing; didn't bother making a table of it, but the info's there:

BNF thing:
Name kelleyscorpio
Favorite Fruit raspberries
You will lose to Telanu
because everyone hates your excessive use of adverbs
and you will respond by drinking too much Butterbeer and passing out
until you are thrown out of the fandom on July 3, 2005

Overuse of adverbs, eh? And here I thought it would be overuse of smileys... ;-)

HP IdentityCollapse )

Those confounded minions...

Humours...Collapse )

Wow, this is fairly accurate... Sales, ugh. Guess it depends on what I'm selling.

Zodiac match-up...Collapse )

Another Scorpio, what are the odds...there'd be some scary rows happening there, let me tell you. Hm; according to Astrology Zone my best matches are Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Perhaps I'll revive the old chat-up line "What's your sign?" :-D

These last two are old, no idea where I found them, but if you're easily shocked, please avert your eyes. ;-O

Only for those with prurient interests:

And yet I've never played the clarinet...Collapse )

As the driven snow...Collapse )

I'm always confused about how to read results from purity tests...

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Date:2003-10-26 11:56

Where art thou, catlily ?

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