kelleyscorpio (kelleyscorpio) wrote,

A special brand of stupid...

My poor cat, Na-na Kitty (pronounced as in Sha-Na-Na, ridiculous, I know), gets in lots of fights and sometime on T'giving day, as near as we can determine, got into a fight that did some damage to kitty's right rear dew claw -- the nail was nearly torn off and it became rather infected. Well, Na-na kept hidden behind our garage, wouldn't come in, then when I finally coaxed her in, wouldn't let me near it. I knew a trip to the vet was definitely needed, though, and my sister kindly loaned me her pet carrier so I could take her today.

In addition to the torn dew claw, kitty also had a wound on top of her head that was becoming infected; this wasn't even visible through her thick fur, but was starting to smell bad last night; I assumed it was the infected claw that smelt so bad.

Anyway, kitty has a bandaged back leg, cleaned-up head wound, is on antibiotics and will be just fine. But here's an interesting thing, and the source of the title of this post: how stupid must one be to not know their female cat is actually male? Considerably, I'd say. But yeah, my Na is a neutered male. Even the fact that we've never had cats, I know nothing about being a cat owner, doesn't cut it; I should really be able to tell girl from boy. Should've realized -- this is a big damn cat, and somewhat mean, a fighter; he's orange and white and I like to say that while he may look like a Weasley, he's got the cold black heart of Snape. Saying 'he' is going to take getting used to. I'll still tell him he's 'purty' but will feel a little dumb telling him he's a good girl...
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