kelleyscorpio (kelleyscorpio) wrote,

More pics for the ones not yet identified..

I uploaded some more pics from the 5 remaining movies; probably best to
just give the thumbnails a skim to see if there're any you want to look
at more closely...

#6: This was the first film of the actress pictured; made by a Danish filmmaker
who later made a film with Icelandic singer Björk.

#8: Based on a short novel by Roddy Doyle; more utterances of the word
'fuck' than a porno film *g*; "Say it once, say it loud: I'm black and
I'm proud."

#15: A Spanish film that won lots of awards, including an Oscar and a
BAFTA in the early to mid-90s.

#18: I'm regretting that I didn't think about this more when I was
choosing movies to use, but this film wasn't a theatrical release; it's
an HBO film. I shouldn't have used it for that reason since that surely
must decrease the chances that many on my flist might have seen it.
Another clue, fwiw -- its subject matter is the same as half of Peg
Kerr's "The Wild Swans," set at about the same time. Lots of stars in
it, mainly in cameo roles.

Just for fun, and to make up for using an HBO movie instead of one shown
in theaters, I tossed in an extra pic from another film in this batch
that should be more identifiable. ;-)

#19: The extra pics alone for this one are probably enough to identify
it, though I'll say that while the 'money shot' at the end is cheesy, up
to then it's got a lot of good suspense.
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#6 - a Lars Von Trier film, but not Dancer In The Dark, obviously. What else has he done?

#8 Okay, I've not read anything by Roddy Doyle, but that must be The Commitments. I think that ponytail guy's name in 8c is Andrew Strong... something Strong, anyway. He had minor chart success in the UK on the back of the film.

#15 is Belle Epoque. Your hint gave it away. I remember it getting an Oscar.

#18 Well, that's Serena McKellen in one picture. I've actually cheated on this one and done some digging. I think I know what it is, assuming I'm right about which half of Peg's book you meant.

#19 Halloween? (I think that's the first one, not Halloween 18: Resurrection or somesuch)

#6 - Yes, by Lars Von Trier; this was one was a few years before DitD.

#8 - Yes! I've not read anything by Doyle either, just something I knew about this film. Lots of funny lines in this, fun watching the band come together and then fall apart.

#15 - Yes! A critic used the word 'inviting' to describe this film and remarked that one character's 'underlying happiness warms the entire film'. Yes.

#18 Well, that's Serena McKellen in one picture. - LOL! Yes, it's certainly the one you found; good movie, if you get a chance to see it. Alan Alda's character makes you want to find the real life fellow and spit on his shoes.

#19 - Ack, I was confusing on this one! You're right, the "extra" pic is from the first Halloween film but the ones I have in there as 19A, B, & C are a different movie.

Heh, I threw in the Halloween one as for several years it was a thing for my friends and I to watch it each year, usually after a Halloween part, usually drunk. ;-D

But yes, 19 itself is a different film, nothing to do with the Halloween movie...
#6. Lars von Trier directed one of my films as well.