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Oh my god...

YEAH!!! 2005 WORLD CHAMPION SAN ANTONIO SPURS!!! Mind-blowingly incredible game. 3rd championship in 7 seasons. Tim Duncan, three-time MVP. The city has flooded into the streets. I can hear the yells and cheers and honking horns and fireworks from inside my home. The streets are jammed, people are getting out of their cars, hugging one another, randomly yelling "SPURS #1!" And the party has only just begun... My guys pulled it out. This is one hell of a team. :-)

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Go you!
***blushes*** Erm, we're talking football, are we? Heh, can you tell that I only have basic cable TV and no sports channels? ;)
Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Mary Ann. Watch Kelley's icon carefully. See that round, orange thing with the stripes? Ask one of your children what that's called.

Ooooh, that was fun. I almost never get to pick on Mary Ann.
LMAO If the icon was there when I posted my question this morning then I didn't notice it. No caffeine in the system yet. Was running around getting my kids ready for school and receiving daycare kids. That, and I'm thick as shit before noon. :P

BTW You're just picking on me because I have yet to send you one of my kids for your cauldron. So nyah.
Kelly, yo, call me---we're having Michael's birthday party at Kiddie Park on Broadway, Saturday night 5-7--and then we'll tool down to my office building on the Riverwalk and make ourselves comfortable at their Riverwalk frontage to watch the parade. Wanna come?

Not a sport I follow, but I'm very happy for you, Kelley. I know what it's like to follow a team and watch them win. Very cool. Enjoy the celebrations -- don't drink too much and turn over any cars, though!
"Don't drink too much and turn over any cars..."

That settles it. You're a bloody spoilsport. :P
I was in Fort Worth and far from my internet connection when the Spurs won it all, but I want you to know that my first reaction was "Kelley is going to be SO happy."

Yeeeha Spurs! (Until the next time they play the Celtics.)